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The COPI complex functions in nuclear envelope breakdown and is recruited by the nucleoporin Nup153.
Liu J, Prunuske AJ, Fager AM, Ullman KS
Dev Cell 2003 Sep 5(3):487-98 [abstract on PubMed] [related articles] [order article]
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Evaluated 29 Sep 2003
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Murray Stewart
Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, United Kingdom

New Finding
This paper reports an unanticipated interaction between the COPI complex and nuclear pore protein Nup153 and indicates that this interaction is important in miotic nuclear envelope breakdown. The Zn-finger region of Nup153 inhibits nuclear envelope breakdown in mitotic Xenopus egg extracts and appears to function by interacting directly with COPI. Perturbing the function of the COPI complex impairs nuclear envelope breakdown indicating a link between this process and cellular vesicle trafficking.

Evaluated 29 Sep 2003
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