This is a combination of several medications used to treat advanced b-cell lymphoma. The medications given are:

CODOX-M - given for first and third cycles.

Vincristine (also called Oncovin)

IVAC - given for second and fourth cycles.

Etoposide (also called VP-16)
Cytarabine (also called Ara-C)

*Note: these two regimens are normally used in combination with each other and are rarely given alone.

Treatment may be repeated after the blood count returns to normal levels.

Combinations of medications are often more effective against cancer than a single medication used alone but combination regimens can sometimes be confusing. For example, a single nickname may be used for a couple of different regimens. Or, different nicknames might be used for the same combination of medications. New combination regimens are being studied all the time. And, old regimens may change over time. Always ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have questions about your chemotherapy regimen.

From the Cancer Chemotherapy Manual, © 2001, University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, Salt Lake City, UT. Published by Facts and Comparisons, St Louis, MO,

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